MOAA Transition Liaison AZ - Helping Arizona Veterans Transition to Civilian Careers

The Military Officers Association of America, Arizona Council of Chapters founded MOAA Transition Liaison Arizona in 2008 to help veterans coming or returning to Arizona with their transition to a civilian career and workplace.

Employment Resources Website and Network

  • Website: The MOAA Transition Liaison AZ website provides information on job listings in Arizona provided by our MOAA Networkers and MOAA Leaders, links to employment search and listing services, resources about preparing oneself for employment, information, links to other employment assistance websites, links to Government agencies (Fed, State, County), and other non-governmental employment assistance websites. USE Navigation Menu at top or right side.

  • MOAA Transition Liaison Arizona Network: The network comprises four distinct entities:

    • MOAA Leaders - This group includes current leaders and Transition Liaison Directors from each Arizona MOAA Chapter, the Arizona Council of Chapters, and a member from the MOAA HQ Board of Directors.

    • MOAA Networkers - This group includes business and industry executives along with other professionals who provide notices of job opportunities in their areas for posting to the MOAA Transition Liaison website. Some of these professionals also act as Informational Network Contacts who may assist veterans who are interested in a certain company, career interest area, a specific job market, or geographical location. Networking contacts nationwide can be accessed via the networking page on MOAA’s career center website.

    • MOAA National HQ - The Military Officers Association of America provides a wealth of information, services, and resources for job seeking. Whether you are making the transition from the military to a civilian career or changing from one career field to another. The MOAA Career Center webpage has links for job seekers, employers, upcoming career events and job fairs, advice articles, a jobs database and much more. Some items are accessible to MOAA Members only.

    • MOAA Transition Liaison AZ Website - was created to provide a focused web portal to the job listings posted by the Arizona Transition Liaison Networkers and to aggregate other employment services, resources and links in one location. combines decades of experience in financial literacy and data to provide comprehensive, easy-to-use tools to help users make smarter financial decisions. Many articles are directed to the military and veterans. Some useful links are, and

Tuck has created a resource guide about trauma and sleep that our community might benefit from seeing. You can take a look at our guide here. It includes an in-depth look at how physical and mental trauma can affect the brain’s ability to rest. Because sleep is such a vital part of wellness, chronic sleep deprivation can make recovery difficult and increase the severity of physical and mental symptoms. The guide also includes information about what to do if PTSD or a traumatic brain injury is causing insomnia or disturbed sleep.

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My HealtheVet accounts are changing

Beginning on September 1, 2021, the My HealtheVet Advanced account will be discontinued. All My HealtheVet Advanced account users are encouraged to upgrade their accounts to Premium.

If you currently have an Advanced account and do not upgrade to Premium, your account will revert to a Basic account. If that occurs, you will lose access to the pharmacy features, including the ability to request and track your VA prescription refills.

If your account is reverted to Basic, you will not have to re-register for a new MyHealtheVet account. Your self-entered data is available, and you can upgrade to Premium at any time.

You can easily upgrade to a Premium account in person, online, or via VA Video Connect appointment. Upgrade information is also available on Upgrade to Premium Account web link, in this Premium Upgrade video, or by contacting the SAVAHCS MyHealtheVet Coordinator at 520-792-1450 extension 1-6889.

To learn more about this upcoming change, you can check out the My HealtheVet Advanced accounts will be discontinued news article in the Vantage Point blog.